Wow as usual we have been so busy since the first of the year. In February, we celebrated Ryan's 19th birthday. Then it was Sebastian's 9th birthday followed by his 3rd gotcha day....then we celebrated Annabelle's gotcha day followed by her 7th birthday 3 days later. I just don't know where the time goes. Some times it is just scary how fast the days go by. It still seems like yesterday Ryan was just a toddler with his white blonde hair running around in his firefighter outfit. Now he is a freshman in college and over 6'3"!

Sebastian came home 3yrs ago and he has made so much progress. We certainly have some issues to overcome but he does amaze me with how much he has learned and how well he has done. He is the best helper and is the first one to want to buy for his siblings when it is a birthday or christmas. He is turning out to be quite the athlete and is as fast as the wind. Happy birthday Sebastian, you are just the cutest little boy and have a heart of gold. You humble me with how much you have gone through in your young life and still keep trying and smiling!

Annabelle had a big week with her birthday, kids party and of course the Daddy daughter dance she looks forward to all year. Annabelle you just make us all smile. You are truly the happiest little girl I have ever met. You just sparkle! I can't believe you are now 7yrs old. You love fashion, jewelry and anything that sparkles...we are just so blessed to have you as our little girl.

So enjoy the photos of birthdays, dances and just some of what what we have been doing for the past few months!