One of the sweetest moments of our disney trip was when Annabelle met Mulan. We had just finished our princess lunch where Annie and Sebastian got to meet, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, and we were walking through "China" in Epcot when Nikki spots Mulan in the corner greeting kids and taking pictures.
We hustled over to get in line. Honestly I think I wanted the kids to meet Mulan more than they did...but there we were waiting in line and watching Mulan take each child aside have a chat with them and then take a picture. But when it was Annie's turn Mulan took Annie aside, knelt down and chatted with her a couple of minutes and then she leaned in and gave Annie a kiss on the cheek. It was just so sweet..and she didn't do that to any other child in line that we saw. Annabelle was just mesmerized and told us afterward she didn't want to wash off Mulan's kiss ever. It really just brought tears to both mine and Rich's eyes. Needless to say, Annabelle
is now Mulan's biggest fan. It's funny because one of the things we purchased when we were in china for Annabelle's adoption was an original water color painting of Mulan. It has hung above Annie's bed since we came home. We love you "Mulan" thanks for making a little chinese girl just glow. Enjoy the photos.