So today is my dad's birthday. He isn't here to celebrate it any more but I can't let the day go by without a Happy Birthday! It has been 8 years since my dad made his last trip to Germany. I have adopted two kids since then. Ryan, has graduated high school and started his first year of college. Nikki has been inducted into the National German Honor society and will make an exhcange trip to Germany this summer. He just would have loved that. It is so amazing how time can go by just so quickly. I miss my dad at the oddest times now. Not just at holidays or birthdays, but mostly when my kids reach milestones and I know he would like to have seen it..been a part of it. When Ryan graduated High School. When Nikke carried the German flag in the homecoming parade...and to watch Sebastian, a grandchild he never got to meet, play soccer. Sebby is wicked fast and an aggressive little player. My dad would have enjoyed it. And Annabelle would have just made him laugh just as Nikki did when she was that age. Annabelle would have loved a twirly Dirndl dress! Dad you gave me the two greatest gifts after you left us and you never even knew you did it.
So Happy Birthday dad, may the heavens sparkle just a little brighter tonight!
Ich liebe dich. Michele